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NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Siyah Tesettür Deri Ceket 9264S
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Nakışlı Tesettür Ceket 9256DSN1
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Krem Tesettür Ceket 9255KR
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NEVA STYLE - Mink Hijab Blazer Jacket 56950V
899.90 TL
699.90 TL
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NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Nakışlı Tesettür Ceket 9256DSN2
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Bej Tesettür Bomber Ceket 9263BEJ
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Lacivert Tesettür Bomber Ceket 9263L
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Haki Tesettür Bomber Ceket 9263HK
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Taba Tesettür Deri Ceket 9264TB
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Kahverengi Tesettür Deri Ceket 9264KH
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Bej Tesettür Deri Ceket 9264BEJ
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Düğmeli Zümrüt Yeşili Tesettür Deri Ceket 9264ZY
NEVA STYLE - Neva Style - Süet Deri Siyah Tesettür Kolej Mont 9287S

Jackets are pieces of clothing that offer both elegance and functionality together. There are many jacket models suitable for different styles and needs. Here are some important information about jackets and their usage:

1. Jacket Models and Colours:

Jacket models are very diverse. There are jackets with different styles such as blazer jackets, jean jackets, leather jackets, coats, vests.
Classic blazer jackets are preferred in business environments and more formal events. In addition to classic colours such as black, grey, navy blue, blazer jackets can also be found in more vibrant colours.
Jean jackets offer a lighter and more comfortable style. They are usually combined with jeans. Jean jackets are available in different washing options and cuts.
Leather jackets offer a more rebellious and cool look. Black leather jackets are often preferred.
Coats are ideal for keeping warm in cold weather conditions. Thick coats are preferred in winter and light coats are preferred in spring and autumn.
2. Selection of Jacket Suitable for Seasons:

It is important to choose a jacket suitable for the season. While light fabric jackets are preferred in summer, thicker and wool blended jackets are useful in winter.
In spring and autumn, light coats or jackets adapt to changing weather conditions.
3. Different Jacket Models:

Knee-length coats keep warm in cold weather conditions.
Vests are useful for providing extra warmth.
Thin blazers are suitable for formal occasions.
Oversize jackets offer a comfortable and spacious style.
4. Jacket Usage:

Jackets are suitable for both formal and casual wear. Blazer jackets are often preferred in business environments.
Jean jackets are combined with jeans or dresses and used in daily wear.
Leather jackets are preferred to create a cooler and rebellious style.
Coats are used as outerwear in cold weather conditions.
5. Jacket Fashion and Shopping:

Jacket fashion can change every season, so you may want to follow new designs.
When shopping for jackets, take care to choose the one that suits your own clothing style and needs.
Jackets made of quality fabrics are a better option for long-lasting use.
Jackets are an indispensable part of your wardrobe and are versatile for creating different combinations. You can find a combination of elegance and functionality by choosing jacket models that suit your needs and style. Clothing stores and online shopping sites can help you create your combinations by offering different jacket options.

Hijab jackets offer a versatile and stylish clothing option for women who adopt a conservative clothing style. Designed in different cuts and styles, hijab jacket models can be used in many different situations, from daily wear to special invitations. Here are some important information about hijab jacket models and their usage:

1. Long Jackets:

Long jackets are a frequently preferred option in hijab clothing. These jackets, which are longer than knee-length, are especially ideal for daily wear.
Long jackets can be combined with skirts or slim fit trousers to create a stylish and comfortable look.
Summer long jackets made of thin fabrics help you breathe in hot weather.
2. Blazer Jackets:

Hijab blazer jackets are perfect for more formal and professional occasions. They can be preferred for business meetings or office combinations.
You can choose from solid colour or patterned blazer jackets. Classic colours such as black, navy blue and grey are always popular.
Blazer jackets can be combined with long skirts or slim fit trousers to complete a stylish business style.
3. Summer Jackets:

Hijab summer jackets offer comfort and elegance in hot weather. Linen jackets are a very preferred option in summer.
Light coloured summer jackets are suitable for completing your daily combinations. They can be combined with jeans trousers and light tunics.
4. Sport Jackets:

Hijab sports jackets are ideal for a casual and comfortable style. Sports jackets made of cotton and comfortable fabrics are combined with tracksuit bottoms or sports trousers.
Sports jackets are suitable for wearing during daily activities or while playing sports.
5. Jackets for Special Occasions and Invitations:

There are hijab jacket models designed for special invitations or special occasions. They are decorated with embroidery, lace details or shiny fabrics.
You can get a stylish and conservative look on special occasions by choosing a suitable jacket over your evening dresses.
6. Plus Size Jackets:

Hijab jackets include many options suitable for different sizes. Plus size hijab jackets offer comfort with wider cuts.
Jackets can be one of the basic pieces of your wardrobe and can help you create different combinations. Fabric selection and colour preferences should be made in accordance with the season and your needs. Hijab clothing stores and online shopping sites can help you create combinations that suit your style by offering different hijab jacket options.

Hijab jackets are ideal for combining with many different pieces. Here are some suggestions for hijab jacket combinations:

Office Combination with Blazer Jacket:

You can choose a blazer jacket to get a stylish look on your way to work or in the office. Classic colours such as black, navy blue or grey are suitable for business combinations.
You can create a formal look by combining a blazer jacket with a solid coloured skirt or trousers.
A white blouse or shirt goes perfectly with a blazer jacket. You can complete the combination with high heels and an elegant bag.
Street Style with Jeans Jacket:

Jeans jackets are one of the key pieces of a comfortable and stylish street style in hijab clothing.
You can get a young and dynamic look by combining a patterned blouse or t-shirt with a denim jacket.
You can complement your denim jacket with slim fit jeans or a long skirt. You can use it in daily wear by completing the combination with a comfortable bag and sports shoes.
Elegant Combination with Long Jacket:

Long jackets are ideal for a special event or special occasions. You can choose models decorated with embroidery, lace details or sequins.
You can get an elegant look by combining a long jacket with a long skirt or dress. You can complete the combination with accessories.
Trendy Look with Leather Jacket:

Leather jackets offer elegance and style together. Black leather jacket is suitable for many combinations.
You can try both classic and sports styles by combining the leather jacket with trousers and skirts from different fabrics.
For a sporty elegance, you can complement the leather jacket with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans.
Lightweight Combinations with Summer Jackets:

You can choose light structured jackets in summer. Linen or thin fabric models are ideal for hot weather.
You can create a fresh summer look by combining a light coloured jacket with a light coloured skirt or shorts.
Colour Harmony and Accessories:

Pay attention to the harmony between the colour of your jacket and your other clothing pieces in your combinations. You can increase your elegance by providing a balance between colour tones and patterns.
Accessories can complement every outfit. Especially a stylish scarf or scarf can add elegance to your hijab jacket outfit.
You can create different combinations by choosing hijab jackets that suit your style and needs, and you can feel comfortable and stylish in any situation. Online shopping sites such as Tesetturisland offer many hijab jacket options and can help you create your combinations.

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